The Toxic Relationship


What is a toxic relationship?

Simply put, a toxic relationship is a one-sided relationship where one partner seeks to maintain power and control over the other through manipulation. In this dynamic, there is an abuser and a victim. The abuser seeks to ensure that their needs and desires are met at all coast.

Usually, the victim believes that if they comply, and keep serving, they will eventually earn the abusers love, which will change the dynamic to a normal relationship where both partners thrive. Unfortunately, rarely does the dynamic of a toxic relationship change, so the abuser-victim relationship will only grow progressively worse.

Eventually, the abuser tires of its victim and finds a new toy. Or, the victim recognizes that things are never going to change unless they change. Often times this means the victim must leave their abuser and cut all ties with them. (If co-parenting is necessary, most ties can be cut and the abuser may decrease or stop their abusive behavior). In rare cases a couple can attend counseling and repair their relationship, but again this is RARE.


You may be asking, "What should I do next?"

If you're here, looking for help, then you should celebrate yourself because recognizing that you need help, and asking for it, takes courage.... It's the first step towards healing. I want you to know, I am not here to tell you what to do next, but I have created a safe space for you to connect with the part of you that knows what to do.


My desire is for you to Luv To Be You...

So I created this company to help you connect with the deepest part of yourself, to God, so you can create a Beautiful Life After. There is a radiant light inside of you and this relationship has cracked you open to reveal your true value, worth, and purpose. Right now, it may be difficult to see yourself living a life of freedom, full of purpose. But your job is not to think about the when and the how but to imagine the what and the why...

Do me a favor! Right now, stop what you're doing, grab a piece of paper and a pen, and answer these two questions for me:

1. What does my Beautiful Life After look like? (How do I want to feel everyday, how do I want to look, how do my surroundings look, how am I spending my time?)

2. Why is healing and creating  the life of my dreams important? (Who will be effected by me being my best self and how will it effect them?)

Now, schedule a one-hour Life Coaching session and let's discover how you can Luv To Be You together!