Postpartum Support


Postpartum Bundle

Postpartum, Lactation, & Overnight Support—  Birth is an amazing experience that thrusts you into motherhood. You have a new baby... now what? I will be there to guide you and your family through this delicate time with: 

  •  1 In-Home Prenatal Visit

  • First Day Home Care

    1. Restorative Meal

    2. Light House Work

    3. Early Postpartum Support

  • Lactation Support (Within scope of practice)

  • Newborn 101

  • Nutrition Support

  • Herbal Healing Remedies

  • Home Care

  • Older Sibling Care

  • Companionship

  • Overnight Visit

  • Phone/Text/Zoom Support (as needed)

  • Community Resources & Referrals

(This bundle includes 30 hours of postpartum care and one 8 hour overnight visit)

*Overnight Visits (Included in Bundles or Ala Carte)- Are you and your partner sleep deprived? Are you staying up at night, all by yourself struggling to breastfeed or comfort a screaming baby?... I will be your night light, so you can sleep tight.

(This bundle is also available WITHOUT an overnight visit)


Create your own Postpartum Support Bundle

Are you looking for postpartum support that is unique to your lifestyle needs. Let’s discuss a postpartum plan that’s right for you. I can create something that’s within your needs and budget.