Luv Your Tribe

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Motherhood is hard work... You Can't do it alone... You need a tribe!

Hello! Welcome to the Luv Your Tribe support group! Statistics show that maternal mood disorders such as postpartum depression, OCD, anxiety, and others affect 1 in 7 women (1 in 3 for black women). That means 14%-33% of mothers are not only struggling with the strenuous demands of motherhood, but are also fighting a daily battle in their mind. And most are fighting this battle alone, in secret, with no support. To combat this, we need to educate and support the women in our community, and this group will do just that! We are here to build a tribe and to make sure every mother is supported and luved. ALL moms are welcome, however most of the discussions will address topics from pregnancy through the first five years. If you have been looking for your tribe then please join this FREE support group and then add your other mom friends. Luv Your Tribe is an online (Facebook) and in-person support group that meets bi-weekly. This is a safe space to discuss concerns and celebrate some of the best gifts of being a woman... pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, mensuration, our emotions, our children, and ourselves!