When you Luv To Be You, you learn how to connect to your inner strength, the best part of  you, and you begin to thrive.  Once connected, your intuition peaks, your confidence soars, and your light shines. Let me show you how to tap into your power so you can Luv To Be You, from pregnancy, through birth, and the postpartum period.


Motherhood is 90% mental and 10% mechanical. How's your mental?


Services You'll Luv

My Life Coaching, Lactation, & Doula Services will ensure that you and your family are informed, cared for, and Luved. I am here to serve you, your family, and the community. Luv To Be You strives to change lives... and I can't wait to change yours too!

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FREE Support Group

Motherhood is hard work... you can't do it alone... you need a tribe! Do you have a tribe that can help you through the worst days and celebrate you on your best? If not, join mine! Luv Your Tribe is an online and in-person support group that will nurture every part of your journey.

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Weekly Luv Letters

From preconception to one year postpartum, the weekly blog has all the information you need to get to know yourself, your rights, your body, and your baby.

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My Luv Story

Every one of us wants to be Luved, especially during our pregnancy and birth, but many of us look for Luv outside of ourselves. I discovered that to Luving myself was the key to a creating positive experiences.