Welcome to Luv To Be You!

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My name is Janisha, your wellness lifestyle doula. This space was created to help black women birth and nurture their wellness lifestyle. I want you to learn how to Luv To Be You! Self-luv brings such joy, peace, and purpose, that many search for but never find. But,why? Why do some reach this type of fulfillment and others don’t?

Through my practice as a birth worker, I began to uncover the answer to this question. I discovered a missing link in the lives of the the women I served. Women were showing up unaware and unprepared for the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical initiation process of birth and motherhood. Many reported that it was not what they expected and struggled to adjust.

But this struggle was not exclusive to my birth clients. I also began to notice this missing link in the lives of my friends, luved ones, co-workers, and even myself. But especially in the lives of black women, who are already dealing with the effects of racism, colonization, and patriarchy. The missing link is wellness.

“Wellness is a journey towards self-awareness which leads to making choices that cultivate life fulfillment.” -UC Davis.

Self-awareness, plus good choices, equals life fulfillment… Seems simple, right? Well, maybe not, sometimes you may feel like your life is on auto-pilot, it seems like life is choosing your path, not you. And sometimes, it is. Circumstances beyond your control like racism/white supremacy and ancestral/childhood trauma certainly play a role in keeping wellness and positive life fulfillment at bay for black women. Working ten times harder to be “successful”, respected, or even noticed tends to be the norm.

Although the cultural climate and childhood experiences are not in your control, it is your responsibility to create a safe space for you to manage and process the pain that they bring. However, there are many life experiences that are in your control, but often, your mindset is driving your choices.

I have identified six major mindsets that keep black women from wellness:

  1. “Labels and Titles” (Disconnection from true identity)

  2. “I’m not good enough” (Feelings of worthlessness)

  3. “I won’t/can’t talk about this” (Struggle with vulnerability)

  4. “I’ll do it myself” (Struggle with accepting help)

  5. “I won’t go through this again” (Struggle with trust)

  6. “Hustle and grind” (Struggle with rest)

Now, these mindsets aren’t exclusive to black women, but because of our violent past and present, and cultural norms and pressures these mindsets manifest in a very distinct way, as the “strong” black woman. You’ve heard it before,“Black don’t crack!”, but we are cracking. Our skin may be flawless, we may look half your age, but our mental and physical health are eroding. We are imploding from the inside out. There is a name for this, weathering.

You may be wondering, “How can I break free from the “strong” black woman mindset? How can I invite wellness into my life?

Here’s my solution:

If you want to break free from these mindsets you’re in the right place! I am speaking to the woman who wants more. More FREEDOM, more TIME, and more LUV. I want to show you how overcome these 6 luv-blocking mindsets and teach you how to Luv To Be You. I created an 8-week online course called Birth Your Wellness Lifestyle! I will show you how to birth and nourish your wellness lifestyle, escape the curse of the “Strong” Black Woman, and upgrade your life from hustle & go to faith & flow!

You will learn how to:

  • “Be”

  • Let go & flow

  • Speak your truth

  • Rest

  • Identify what’s driving your choices

  • Set and maintain strong boundaries

  • Create daily wellness practices

  • Call in your Luv tribe

How your life will change:

  • Achieve work-life balance

  • Fulfilling relationships

  • Clarity of purpose

  • Heal from your past

  • Increased peace

  • Increased creativity

Are you ready to LUV TO BE YOU?

If my Birth Your Wellness Lifestyle course is what you’ve been searching for, then click the link below called, enroll now, to reserve you spot today!

If you’re excited but still have questions then let’s talk. Schedule a FREE phone consultation with me today. I want to learn what’s keeping you from creating wellness in your life and show you how I can help.